Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Building a Social Networking website

We have been getting a lot of requests from our prospects and customers about the possibility of building out social networking elements for their websites. I would advise every prospect to evaluate your current business position and revenue centers once you decided to engage with Web Advanced (or any other web design firm, for that matter). The two primary revenue opportunities in social networking websites are memberships or advertising, and you will definitely maximize your return if you are able to figure out your value proposition and your revenue model ahead of time.

As an example, many good social networking websites have the following characteristics:
1. Strong value proposition
2. Established target audience
3. Easy to use navigation
4. Word of mouth referrals or organic traffic growth
5. Continuous marketing (re-marketing)

Here are two examples of good social networking websites that Web Advanced developed in the last few months
1. http://www.semainsider.com/
2. http://www.childreninfilm.com/

Both clients have identified their target audience and revenue opportunities. The navigation is pretty straight forward, and they are both getting very high visibility as well as word of mouth referrals.

Web Advanced has produced a case study for Children in Film, in case you are looking for additional information.


As I mentioned, identifying your business objectives when you contract a web design agency will maximize the return on investment of your website development project. At Web Advanced, our goal is to build successful relationships with all of our clients, and this includes your marketing strategy and overall business success.

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