Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking into the Future

It's often difficult to look forward to the future, without reflecting on the past. As we close on 2008, its interesting to look back and reflect on a fascinating yet often tumultuous year. 2008 started well for most. The US economy was in reasonable shape, the country was facing some challenges, but for the most part, 2008 looked like a promising year for most of us here in Southern California.

Little did we know that 2nd half of 2008 brought down many cornerstones of our economy. Financial giants like Bear Stearns, Washington Mutual, Lehman Brothers, and AIG either went out of the business, or required significant financial assistance from our government. Iconic brands such as General Motors, Ford, and Chryslers have asked for financial support as well. Looking back, not many people anticipated the challenges that we are facing - see predictions: , but looking forward, I am reminded by something that my father has always taught me and still remind me often.

"Always prepare for the rainy days."

Such statement serves well as a reminder for recent months and days ahead.

As the CEO of Web Advanced, I'm often regarded as the chief care taker for the company. We work hard and pride ourselves in our ability to deliver for our clients. 2008 was a challenging year for most, as well as Web Advanced. However, our customers are spread across many different industries, and having a diverse clientelle made Web Advanced better prepared for this economic downturn.

Of all the accomplishments that Web Advanced made this year, there's only one number that jumps out. 0 turnovers. For the 2nd year in a row, we did not have a single turnover. Our efficiency is improving, and we are able to train our staff, and get work done faster.

Looking forward to 2009, we anticipate more of the same. Challenging economy will force everyone to carefully evaluate their financial decisions, both on a personal and professional levels. New industries will evolve and some industries will either remain the same or become extinct (ex: subprime lending). Competition will be strong across the board, but we feel that Web Advanced is well prepared for the future.

For the readers of Web Advanced Blog (surprisingly, there are actually some... :)), I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this. I leave the following quote for you, and wish that you too have a safe and wonderful holidays.

"The most successful people in the end are those whose success is the result of steady accretion... It is the man (and woman), who carefully advances step by step, with their minds becoming wider and wider - and progressively better able to grasp any theme or situation - persevering in what he (or she) knows to be practical, and concentrating their thought upon it, who is bound to succeed in the greatest degree."
- Alexander Graham Bell


Vic Liu


web site design los angeles said...

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Vic Liu said...

Hey Kimberly,

Thanks for taking your time to read our Blog. Best wishes in 2009.


B said...

Wow, ZERO turnovers... that says so much about your company in so few words. I used to work for one of your competitors in Irvine and we would see SO many turnovers its hard to imagine. I want to work for a place that takes care of their employees AND their customers... I just sent in my resume. Hope to talk to you soon Vic.
Brian Hayes said...


It's all about running the company properly... people can sense if the work is done with passion. Everyone wants to see their projects and initiatives be treated as someone would treat them as their own.

Great Job! Keep up the good work!

Vahe Mushegyan
Founder C.E.O.
NetSectors, Inc.

Katherine said...

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